Bridgette Reid & Alana Ward – Elemental Alchemy. Harnessing Personal Power & Creativity through the Elements


Lifestyle Space: Amphitheatre

Workshop Type: Lecture

Topic: Elemental Alchemy - Elemental Alchemy. Harnessing personal power and creativity through the elements

Presenter: Bridgette Reid & Alana Ward

Bridgette Reid is a Polymath with a background in Psychotherapy, Detox Protocols, Plant medicine integration, Business Strategy & Crypto Consulting. She has been committed to helping people find their inner sweetspot for success through inner knowing and smart strategy. She is passionate about productivity and supporting people to get the most out of their creativity through a clear mind, happy heart and balanced body. She is excited to be delivering a new blueprint to help participants feel more connected to their projects, creativity and relationship with nature.

Alana Ward is a creatrix that weaves ritual, creative self expression & earth based connection into transformational experiences. A ritual theatre performer, womancraft facilitator & long term devotee of the doof – she is excited to inspire Esotericans to weave some elemental alchemy into their adventure.



We will facilitate a fun, 4-step process that enables you to clear the clutter, transmute emotional blocks, ignite your spirit and ground into your physical body. Participants will gain an array of tools to alchemise the soul and inspire creativity from the heart.


Workshop Details:

Each of the 4 elements supports different aspects of our growth and transformation.

-Air represents the mental

-Water represents the emotional

-Fire represents the spirit

-Earth represents our physical body

When participants show up to explore the terrain of each of these elements, they gain a foundation for a transformational experience.

The outcome for participants will be a new framework to approach channeling personal power including:

  • How to use the elements for clearing

  • How to regulate the nervous system and master the mental space

  • How to drop in and make sense of our emotions

  • How to move blocks to our creativity and manifest

  • How to ground, centre and balance, and use the earth for healing

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