Briohney Tilley & Christian DiMarco – YOGA + Sound Journey


Lifestyle Space: Fractal Tree

Workshop Type: Healing Workshop, Yoga Workshop

Topic: YOGA + Sound Journey

Presenter: Briohney Tilley & Christian DiMarco


~ Briohney Tilley ~
Briohney is a certified yoga facilitator and dance performance artist with a profound journey that intertwines movement, healing, and self-discovery. 12 years ago, Briohney found solace in yoga and dance as a means to navigate anxiety and trauma through movement. Her deep-rooted passion for both yoga and dance culminated in a seamless fusion of these two expressive forms.

Over the past 12 years, Briohney has honed her expertise, immersing herself in various disciplines combining yin yoga, slow flow vinyasa, somatic practices, Qi Gong, and dance-inspired movements that she has artfully crafted a distinct teaching style characterised by its invitation to fluidity and embodiment.

Embarking on her teaching path five years ago, she effortlessly translates her genuine connection to movement into nurturing and compassionate spaces. Briohney adeptly creates a sanctuary for students of all levels and accessibility. She infuses her sessions with a meditative quality, prioritising the art of breath articulation and internal awareness. Her classes are often described as embodying a Yin/Yang harmony, skillfully weaving together softness and strength, intertwined with elemental themes.

~ Christian Dimarco ~
Christian Dimarco is a multi-instrumentalist and producing artist. He has been facilitating sound journeys for over a decade. Through an innate curiosity of music, he explored sound therapy using didjeridu, ethnic woodwinds, gong and overtone singing. Weaving together otherworldly sounds he developed an experiential sound journey to help the listener enter deeper states of awareness, inner wisdom, and empowerment to self-healing. His philosophy is to inspire peace and love through his music, knowing that music traverses all languages and connects to anyone who listens with a gentle heart.

Forever evolving, Christian’s music ranges from ambient to tribal, through to meditation and dance. He’s ongoing releases include brainwave entrainment music, meditation, hybrid cinematic and tribal soundscapes. He is based in Melbourne and often travels to facilitate sound journeys, workshops, retreats, concerts, and share music at yoga events and lifestyle festivals. When not travelling he also runs events online, both on social media and private groups


A sanctuary of restoration crafted for festival-goers who’ve danced their hearts out and seek a tranquil haven to unwind, recharge, and give their body a dose of nourishment.

In this immersive experience, Join Briohney Tilley and Christian Demarco in an exploration of the art of rejuvenation, where yoga and sound healing seamlessly intertwine.

Guiding this journey is Briohney, a dedicated yoga facilitator and performance artist from Melbourne. You’ll move through a series of postures curated to ease sore muscles, dissolve stiffness as you explore gentle breathwork, meditation and relaxation to discover a renewed connection to your entire being.

Christian Dimarco, a masterful multi-instrumentalist and revered sound healer from Melbourne, will bath you in the ethereal sounds that will delicately recalibrate your frequencies, aligning you back into centre with profound resonance, attunement and peace

We invite you to re-ground, nurture and emerge anew to transcend yourself back to the dance floor with an abundance of vitality.


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