C.H.I Gatherings – Radical Acceptance


Workshop Type: Yoga Workshop

Topic: Radical Acceptance

Presenter: C.H.I Gatherings

Radical Acceptance – We will co create a space to remind us of all of our innate power, initially setting and holding space for expression of intent leading into the workshop and the weekend, taking all participants through a journey inward and then outward again, cultivating a deep sense of self-acceptance and allowing that to expand and burst outwards into physical manifestation. We will work with deeply calming the nervous system through visualization, meditation and slow movement, tuning into the fluctuations of the mind to initially enter a space of stillness, once this has been established we will be transitioning into the exploration of the self and of the senses through pranayama and varied embodiment practices, then slowly moving into connecting with others and the surroundings with group and partner work whilst integrating that expansive and overflowing self-acceptance & love. You will be guided through many sweet and soulful practices, nurturing and releasing the deepest crevices of your being. You will be held by us, but more importantly by yourselves and each other.

Taya (C.H.I GATHERINGS – connect, heal & integrate)

C.H.I gatherings has been organically evolving since 2019 after Taya, the founder and owner completed her 500H Yoga Teacher Training with Moksha Yoga Academy in Australia.
Taya created C.H.I with the clear and embodied intent to facilitate a space of inclusion, empowerment and authenticity, a space where we can all be equipped with the knowledge and skills to pave the way for personal and collective growth, a space where we can, Connect, Heal & Integrate.

Taya firmly believes that in order to heal as a collective we must start healing as individuals, relating to ourselves and then expanding that outward unto each other. She has spent the past 6 years learning different forms of meditation, embodiment, and movement, working with many different beautiful mentors & teachers. Taya honours all of the different practices and philosophies she has come across throughout her journey and incorporates these varied styles of teachings into her own body of work, she places incredible emphasis on working with and accepting the whole individual including spiritual, emotional, mental & physical, uniting the divine and animalistic parts of the being.

Taya is currently delving into the mysticism of Judaism and developing her knowledge into devotional paths of living as well as studying Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy to expand her awareness of holistic & natural therapies and better facilitate healing for herself and all that join along the journey.


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