Cameron Duffy & Gabrielle Church – Psychedelic Philosophy: From Radical Embodiment to Ineffable Transcendence


Lifestyle Space: Amphitheatre

Workshop Type: Group Discussion, Lecture

Topic: Psychedelic Philosophy: From Radical Embodiment to Ineffable Transcendence

Presenter: Cameron Duffy & Gabrielle Church


Cameron has spent his life exploring the nature of being, the paradigms and processes involved in healing and movement, as well as the scientific, existential, and alchemical psychology of human development and resilience.
He’s written in academia on psychedelic philosophy and transformation and provided training for psychedelic crisis management. His career in clinical counselling practice has included a focus on treating trauma-related conditions underlying addiction and providing therapeutic support for psychedelic integration processes.

Gabrielle has been a student, mentor, and teacher navigating reality through an Eastern Vedic lens, connecting to embodied presence through activation of the sensory and subtle bodies.
Gabrielle offers insight into the ancient somatic rituals from India, which became the foundation for many of the practices we know today as ‘Yoga’.

Through years of direct experience and curiosity, Gabrielle has explored the healing potential of psychotechnologies as a pathway to healing and embodied knowledge.


Follow your bliss or confront your shadow?
The nature of possibility confronts the nature of constraint when psyche encounters new dimensions of experience, part of the esoteric philosophy associated with psychedelic. An existential game in space-time navigation, in embodied vibration, in continuity with land.
Achieve it through breath control practices or unleash with plant medicines. Reduce it all to measurable changes in brain activity, or delight in poetic mysticism. Much in between. Some of these are choices, variations on ways to respond to the discovery of new levels of awareness and possibility.
How does it feel? What does it mean? Is it all about the present moment, delight in creative expression? Is there an essential game in utilising our energy to bring order to the chaos?
Beware unearned wisdom and or surrender to hard-earned humility, all themes we can bite into during this talk.

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