Carl Doused – Deep Tissue Massage


Lifestyle Space: Zephyr Massage Space

Workshop Type: Massage Huts

Topic: Deep Tissue Massage

Presenter: Carl Doused

Carl has had a lifelong obsession with learning about the physical body, energy body, and the human experience. He did his first multi day massage training at the age of 14 and has been into Yoga, Qigong and various other embodiment practices since before then.

Carl loves intensity, depth and not wasting time, but he takes the time to attune, align and calibrate to you and the needs of your most sensitive and slow parts because as an exquisitely sensitive person himself he knows how much of an epic difference that can make.


Carl is a massive fan of Deep Tissue massage, and in his bodywork he likes to find the meeting points between delivering value to the physical body, the nervous system, the energy body and the skills to know ones needs and have them met.

He loves to do this through deep tissue massage, myofascial release and trigger point therapy – going deep to help to meet, move and unblock.

Carl will work with you to find a balance between desired outcomes and intuitive flow and he is very welcoming of vocal emotional release during the sessions.”

Techniques I’ve been trained in:

I bring these influences into your deep tissue massage.

Trigger point therapy

Deep tissue massage

Sports massage therapy

Thai massage

Swedish massage

Reiki Level 1

Relaxation Massage

Countless; Tantra, Qigong, Movement, Meditation, Embodiment, Shibari, Authentic Relating, Sensitisation, Communication and Neo Tantra trainings that have no doubt all somewhat influenced me and my techniques.

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