Carly Dober – Healing & Reparenting The Wounded Child Within


Workshop Type: Group Discussion

Topic: Healing and Reparenting The Wounded Child Within

Presenter: Carly Dober

Healing and Reparenting The Wounded Child Within

During this extraordinary time, we are all being stretched to the limits of our coping skills. We are managing stress, fear and uncertainty. We are at home all day with those we love but also would like a break from.

Our ability to care for ourselves, care for others and manage our emotional responses to the unusual stresses we are experiencing are being expanded and grown but also at times overwhelmed.

This workshop will give you a fresh perspective and understanding of what it means to self-care. And we know that when we parent ourselves well (from a place of nurture, affirmation and limit setting) it automatically spills out and changes how we relate to those we love.

During this workshop you will…

Identify the wounded child within, the hurts that are part of your story, and how these wounds can sometimes get triggered and spill out.
Identify the adaptive child who learned certain ways of coping with the hurts. We often care for ourselves from this part; parenting ourselves the way we were parented.
Learn how to re-parent yourself from a functional nurturing adult self; changing your relationship with yourself and how you relate to those you love.

Carly is a Melbourne based psychologist in clinical practice that likes to support people in their journey to live a life more meaningful.

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