Catherine Cenández – Sacred Bodywork


Lifestyle Space: Zephyr Massage Space

Workshop Type: Massage Huts

Topic: Sacred Bodywork

Presenter: Catherine Cenández


Previous Experience: Latin American Curandera with 21 years experience working in wellness as a multi passionate therapist and space creator. Weaving science + cultural + esoteric modalities for exceptional experiences and outcomes for clients and participants.

Senior wellness therapist at The Urban Alchemist in Carlton North.

Creating + facilitating national & international Events & Retreats with Empowered Academy

Facilitator of Cold Immersion Therapies with Cold + Conscious

Brief description of services:

Sacred Bodywork is a deeply relaxing and meditative hands-on session that optimises the flow of energy, honing in on blockages, congestion and disruptions of flow. Used to activate the neural system to induce an out-of-body meditative state that brings complete relaxation and resets the entire system.

Safe out-of-body experiences play an important role in resetting mental, physical, emotional and psychological patterns.

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