Cesar Marulanda from Aoracreo – Transforming Plastic Waste into Art


Lifestyle Space: Creation Station

Workshop Type: Arts Workshop, Environmental Workshop

Topic: Transforming Soft Plastic Waste into Art

Presenter: Cesar Marulanda from Aoracreo

Cesar Marulanda is artists behind Aoracreo. For the last 13 years, Aoracreo has been recycling and up-cycling post-consumer soft and hard plastics waste into functional and durable materials, that are water resistant, light-weight and recyclable. These materials are used to manufacture products like backpacks, tote bags, wallets and other accessories that sell online, at local markets and through local and overseas wholesale orders.


This workshop will teach you how to use an iron and baking paper to upcycle plastic bags into colourful and unique water resistant materials that can be used for sewing projects and more. This is a great way to access and unlimited art medium that can be worked in many different ways to make art.

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