Charli DeLuna – Women’s Circle


Lifestyle Space: Light Temple

Workshop Type: Group Discussion

Topic: Women’s Circle

Presenter: Charli DeLuna

Charli from Sacred Spirit Holistic Healing is a Reiki Practitioner and Sacred Space Holder who takes a Holistic approach to healing. She creates warm and inviting spaces for women to share vulnerably and to feel heard and validated.
‘Women’s circles are a place where we can leave our masks at the door and be truly who we are with no judgement. Allowing women to witness each other, speak from the heart, make connections and encourage healing.’

Charli is a purpose-driven entrepreneur who loves to share her gifts and talents and what she has learnt along her journey that has helped her to live a fulfilling and deeply connective life. She does this by showing up authentically and connecting with those she can serve.

Her focus is on health and wellbeing whether that is spiritual, somatic, emotional, mind based or heart based and she incorporates this into everything she does. She also has a love for Mother Earth and a special interest in sustainability.

Her values are:

* Transparency
* Authenticity
* Freedom
* Exploration
* Truth
* Creativity
* Integrity
* Self-trust
* Learning
* Intuition
* Fun
* Connection

New Moon in Pisces Women’s Circle – where the power of setting intentions comes to life. In this sacred gathering, we’ll explore the profound impact of intentions on our lives. Through guided discussions and heartfelt sharing, we’ll create a nurturing space where women can connect on a deeper level.
Together, we’ll embark on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery, celebrating the strength and wisdom within each woman.

This workshop will provide practical tools for setting and manifesting intentions, fostering a deeper connection to your goals and dreams. Whether you seek clarity, guidance, or simply a supportive community, this women’s circle workshop is your invitation to explore, heal, and flourish alongside like-minded women in the spirit of intention and empowerment.

New moon occurs on the 10th of  March

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