Christian DiMarco – Exploring Overtone Singing


Lifestyle Space: Hammock Fractal

Workshop Type: Music Workshop

Topic: Exploring Overtone Singing

Presenter: Christian DiMarco


Christian Dimarco is a multi-instrumentalist musician, performing artist and music producer. He has been facilitating sound journeys for over a decade. Christian’s vast collection of musical instruments range from didjeridu, ethnic flutes, handpan, singing bowls, gong, frame drum, vocals and classical guitar.
Weaving together ethereal music and grounding primal sounds he has developed an experiential journey into sound and breath to help people enter deeper states of awareness, inner wisdom and potential.

Overtone Singing – Unlocking an Ancient Vocal Technique with Christian DiMarco.
In this workshop you will learn the techniques to develop overtone singing for it’s many relaxing and therapeutic benefits.
There is no requirement for any previous musical knowledge or singing experience. All voices are welcome to experience and explore the fascinating vocal technique of overtone singing.

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