Collective Intelligence – Music Production Workshop


Workshop Type: Music Workshop

Topic: Collective Intelligence - Music Production Workshop

Presenter: Collective Intelligence

I start by a general talk about creativity and self expression through music, I invite the audience to engage with me and tell me their story and struggles/success with music production and reply with insights as a experienced producer.

I answer anything from spiritual to technical questions in regards to music production and offer a personal approach to helping.

Mind Mirror is the creative embodiment of Andrew McGill-Brown, a New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based electronic music composer. An early interest in progressive and extreme genres of music has led to the birth of a unique and complex electronic sound. Rich futuristic sounds-capes are carefully crafted, exploring themes of self-reflection and divinity. This project attempts to integrate and balance light and dark forces to manifest an omnipotent spiritual energy on the dance-floor.

This is fulfilling a lifelong dream of creative musical expression, with the goal of spreading a positive and inspirational message to anyone willing to listen.

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