Rebekah Volgin – Communicating from an authentic place:


Workshop Type: Healing Workshop

Topic: Communicating from an authentic place: how to create greater intimacy and understanding in relationships.

Presenter: Rebekah Volgin

Rebekah has spent a decade working and researching in mental health both in Australia and internationally with a focus on positive changes in the aftermath of trauma. She currently works as a counsellor in emergency services. She weaves her own personal experiences with research and work experience to help individuals and groups see the ‘light’ in their own stories. Rebekah sees the power of festivals in bringing people together and in facilitating play and coming from the heart. She has worked at a number of festivals in Australia, including Rainbow Serpent Festival, Earthcore, Dragon Dreaming, Esoteric and Earth Frequency.

We all need love and connection as humans. We want to be seen for who we truly are. However we learn from an early age that we can’t always be ourselves and that leads us to silence our truth, our authentic selves, to maintain connection with the people around us. Do you sometimes struggle to feel heard and understood? Do your close others sometimes misunderstand you? Unfortunately most of us haven’t grown up learning how to communicate with openness and authenticity. But there is a way to retrain ourselves and it’s easier than you think! By accessing the wisdom of the body through somatic practices as well as learning simple communication techniques we can revolutionise the way we communicate in relationships and with others and find the path back to our authentic selves.

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