Conscious Colour – Chakra Body Art Healing


Workshop Type: Arts Workshop

Topic: Chakra Body Art Healing

Presenter: Conscious Colour

Body artist, ‘Conscious Colour’ (Soraya O’Dea) has blossomed over the past decade from the seed of a curious and innocent opportunity, coupled with a love of creativity and community connection. She has delved deeply into the very essence of face and body art, increasingly developing skills and passion for this work and evolving her healing abilities through the realms of this unique art form.

Through this medium, she feels energy and channels colours and symbolic encoded messages upon each individual person, conducive with themes and energies of the whole event, and surrounding environment and land from which she works. There have been many miraculous experiences which have surprised and enticed her further on this journey. She is experienced and renowned for her work at countless music and art festivals. She is overwhelmed with gratitude for the abundant receptiveness and mysterious stream of consciousness of this art.

Conscious Colour began as simple face painting, which extended into a web of further explorations such as; curating creative hubs at festivals, live body art performance, collaborative artist projects, fertility painting rituals and photo-shoots. She has also run several workshops encompassing guided meditation, connective practices, and painting all intertwined.

Whether it be kids parties, or painting adults, whatever the occasion, Soraya is naturally adept at creating a joyful, entertaining, and fun space for people to feel embraced, treasuring the essence in every connective process.

This workshop will begin with a deep meditation to connect with our energy centres and subtle energy bodies. Providing opportunity for us to slow down into a restful mode, from which we will do some gentle creative play with body paints and colour therapy. We shall drop in to our intuition and curious listening to allow connection to flow fluidly through us. A self love practice, using the modality of body painting. This is mostly a silent workshop, and will be focusing on vision, energy, and intuitive language through ourselves and the art. With focus on the the seven chakras and colours to enhance our energy, the workshop is a personalised experience, and interpretation for each participant based on the messages received through the meditation and the painting process.

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