Conscious Colour – Chakra Body Art Healing


Lifestyle Space: Creation Station

Workshop Type: Arts Workshop

Topic: Chakra Body Art Healing

Presenter: Conscious Colour

‘Conscious Colour’
(Soraya O’Dea)

A rainbow warrior who reads and scribes the consciousness of colours.

Intuitive healer, innovator, and entrepreneur; ambitious about big dreams, inspiration, and community and connection.
Self taught artist, Conscious Colour represents predominately as intuitive Face and Body painting, entertainment, events, workshops.
As well as Encompassing, other modalities such as, art therapy, canvas art, guided meditation, healing, performance art, modelling, costume design, group projects, movement, and self transformation explorations.

Soraya has been exercising different leadership roles in alternative environments, holding space in creative and cathartic workshops. Curating art spaces and teams, she brings birth to collaborative magic and energy.
Most of her work has flourished over the past decade at music and art festivals around Australia and some in Europe. Conscious Colour brings an exciting and powerfully nurturing container for people to feel held in whichever area she works.

Her mission is to unravel, and push the boundaries of inner listening; bringing visions and original creative ideas to life.

Conscious Colour, combines higher purpose and meaning into fun playful realms of evolving through creativity and connection.


Tribal Pathways ~ Embodiment, healing self connection through colours and body paint.
Who am I? > Who am I really?
Build a deeper connection with yourself through body art, explore and celebrate yourself as you are a walking piece of art. 

People come in so many forms, shapes, sizes, smell, colours, 
With that, as individuals we are multi layered, we are not one fixed thing. We are intrinsically intelligent, beautiful creatures, operating on many planes. This sacred space will allow you to tune into these layers, and your uniqueness.
Coming into your centre, into peace and intimacy with you. 

Channelling what is already a part of you, body paint relates us to the world and spirit, connecting us to wholeness of ourselves and “the all. Through creativity and play, inviting in whom you wish to embody on this day. Setting yourself up for an adventure of magic & expression to follow.

A calm internal journey, working with colour therapy and intuitive brush strokes.
Self realisation, connection, activation, healing, quiet the mind, connect to the body through art therapy, and empowerment.
Beginning with a guided meditation, followed by some directive techniques of Soraya’s (Conscious Colour) experience over the past 12years of working with this medium, and the profound abilities that have come through for her on this journey. This is a space for free flow expression, there is no right or wrong.
All are welcome, just as you are.

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