Daniel Lauer – Mycology: Growing Your Own Mushrooms from Spore to Spawn


Lifestyle Space: Amphitheatre

Workshop Type: Lecture

Topic: Mycology: Growing Your Own Mushrooms from Spore to Spawn

Presenter: Daniel Lauer

Danny grew up on a farm through his childhood and has always been obsessed with self-sustainability. Living in an apartment and traveling frequently for work, made a vegetable garden a difficult proposition, so he taught himself (through several mentors) how to grow his own mushrooms in his apartment.

Danny has led a unique life that has seen him be a Mortician, Professional Cheerleader for the NBA, All Star Cheer Coach, work in Aerospace, international small business consulting in Latin America, and now international Supply Chain.

In this workshop you will learn all the steps in basic Mycology so that you can easily start growing your own mushrooms, no matter how small the space. We will dive in to:
1) how to collect and store spores;
2) how to make agar (growing medium) to transform your spores to mycelium;
3) the importance of sanitization techniques and what that means for Mycology;
4) transferring agar to grain jars to strengthen mycelium growth; and
5) planting the mycelium and harvesting your mushrooms.

This process works on growing a large majority of mushroom species from culinary species to medical species.

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