Emma aka Rainbow Unicorn – Give it a Crack


Lifestyle Space: Circue Fantasia

Workshop Type: Flow Workshop, Other

Topic: Give it a Crack

Presenter: Emma aka Rainbow Unicorn

Hey I’m Emma and I’m an old school doofer who has been around the festival scene since the 90s. I went to my first eso in 2019 and my crew did the fuck yeah sign and have the mobile hospital bed which was built for me in 2022 after i broke my back but wasn’t missing Eso. I am an experience fire performer and whip cracker and have run workshops at ConFest, The Town Festival and Renaissance


I have a bunch of 5 foot teaching whips and teach people basic whip cracking. I did it at main stage for a while last year and had so many people want to try. I have taught kids as young as 5 how to crack the whip and can teach successful whip cracking people a few new tricks if they are up for it. I think a 2 hour workshop with half hour intervals for change over as 30 mins is more than enough not to hurt peoples arms from the effort.


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