Entwined Bellydance – Flow Fusion Bellydance


Lifestyle Space: Circue Fantasia

Workshop Type: Dance Workshop

Topic: Flow Fusion Bellydance

Presenter: Entwined Bellydance


Laura Entwined is an accomplished bellydancer, studying the art of bellydance for 18years, teaching for 10years and performing professionally since 2009/10. She is a regular guest facilitator, teacher and/or performer at bellydance, arts and music festivals around Australia, and also performed internationally in the USA, Bali and NZ. She has also performed at a number of international online festivals throughout Covid as a guest with Australian Aboriginal and world music band, Ganga Giri, as well as presenting her own pop-up dance shows. She has presented 4 sell-out full-length shows in Melbourne with her troupe. She works professionally in restaurants and shisha bars, and at other cultural events and celebrations throughout Melbourne.


Connect with your alien and other-worldly energy in this Flow Fusion Bellydance workshop with Entwined. A regular at Esoteric, Entwined will guide you through various fusion bellydance movements to create more flow and space in your body and encourage your own creative expression through dance.
Bellydance is an ancient dance form originating in the middle east integrating the elements and surroundings, but today it’s common to integrate theatre, contemporary and other modern dance styles to create our own unique flow and creative expression in dance. Join this workshop to learn to move your body in fresh, weird and wonderful ways as you play, dive or journey across the Esoverse!

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