Ezra Heldezons – The Art of finding your inner FlooDle


Workshop Type: Arts Workshop

Topic: The Art of finding your inner FlooDle

Presenter: Ezra Heldezons

In this workshop we journey together as one but sacredly individual, To remember and unfold ourselves to our cells, a workshop where we allow ourselves permission to let go of our expectations of what is to BE to allow our inner Buzzy BEE to BE what its meant to BE

Using the simple vessel of Floodle drawing we allow our mind, body spirits to breath into what and how our inner river is to flow

My name is EZRA! and i have had the honour of bringing my beautiful floodle workshop with me to afew festival including the beautiful esoteric festival last year <3
It has been a long journey to unfold myself to myself to uncover some gems of what and how my heart feels to express and present this purposeful workshop to my fellow awakening brothers and sisters <3
I’m a longtime family member of the esoteric community and would be absofruitely honoured to host a space at such a magic location station of manifestation

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