Ezra Haldezos – The Art of Flow Doodling (Floodlez)


Lifestyle Space: Creation Station

Workshop Type: Arts Workshop

Topic: The Art of Flow Doodling (Floodlez)

Presenter: Ezra Haldezos


It is an honour to present to you the art of flow doodling! Floodlez has allowed for me a window into the subtle souls voice of interpreting the tapestry woven, where lines intertwine and meanings align.

The Art of Flow Doodling, a visual poetry’s grace,
A symphony of lines and shades, in a boundless space.
Where stories unfurl, free from any tether,
Igniting introspection, shared visions they gather.

Come, be part of this journey, let your creativity chart,
Exploring a world where expression finds its start.
In every stroke, emotions flow, a language set apart,
Join in the discovery, where each soul’s a work of art.

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