Flik Roussak – Psychedelic Integration Circle


Lifestyle Space: Light Temple

Workshop Type: Group Discussion

Topic: Psychedelic Integration Circle

Presenter: Flik Roussak

Flik is a doctor working in mental health, with aspirations to own a psychedelic psychotherapy retreat. She has a deep passion and reverence for the transformational combination of psychology, philosophy, science and spirituality that this burgeoning field encompasses.
At a time when the culture of the West is in desperate need of connection, she has come to trust that respectfully and sustainably broadening access to the healing power of psychedelics is her life’s work.


To integrate means to make whole; the process of integrating the psychedelic experience is at once the most overlooked yet most important aspect of the journey. If we cannot bring about grounded change in our lives from these often ineffable experiences, we miss the opportunity for learning and growth. We will explore the importance of preparation, intention, surrender and set and setting. This will be an open and safe space to share the profound, beautiful and/or challenging aspects of psychedelic self-discovery, as well as learn practical integration strategies to help give these experiences meaning.


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