Gabrielle Church – Sacral Awakening & Somatic Movement


Lifestyle Space: Fractal Tree

Workshop Type: Yoga Workshop

Topic: Sacral Awakening & Somatic Movement

Presenter: Gabrielle Church

Gabrielle Church: Yoga Practitioner/Teacher, Vedic counsellor, Somatic Therapist

Gabrielle is an avid practioner of Yoga for 11+ years – utilizing this ancient science as a framework for understanding herself, experiences and relationships in an ever turbulent world.

Through her exploration and direct experiences, Gabrielle became deeply curious about the mysterious nature of human consciousness, and the psychosomatic connection between emotional trauma and the physical body.

Through refining and expanding her tools and techniques, somatic practices became a catalyst for awakening deeper states of sensory awareness, personal growth and psychosomatic healing.

Gabrielle is passionate about sharing, activating & igniting passion for these practices and techniques of embodied connection and play within her students and clients.

Blending her personal experience alongside internationally accredited training, Gabrielle is playful, light and engaging as she invites and inspires curiosity, play and presence within others.

Experience the joy of play, movement, and sensuality through this guided exploration of your sacral energy & emotional body.

This workshop inspires deep inquiry to the subtle yet expansive nature of your senses and sacral centre.

Through awakening our sacral nature, we are able to access elevated states of creativity, play & connection within oneself, enabling one to meet life with greater intimacy and appreciation.

You are called to release your inhibitions and personal blockages and explore your relationship within, through loving, self-affirming actions of awareness, breath, sensory scanning, sacral ‘stirring’ and somatic movement to directly experience your sensual nature & capacity for intimacy with yourself and life.

This workshop is open and available to all who feel called to own, reclaim, and embody their creative & sensual self.

A moving meditation, an exploration of the senses and awakening to ones divine Sacral nature!

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