Heath Myers – The Starseed Activations


Workshop Type: Healing Workshop

Topic: The Starseed Activations

Presenter: Heath Myers

Heath Myers is a Divine Channel, Quantum Evolution and Leadership Coach, and the Founder of Mastery Matrix® and The Starseed Activations™.

His journey into spiritual evolution work was catalysed by a life-changing spiritual awakening the result of which saw him searching for answers.

It marked the beginning of nearly 20 years dedication to a vast array of personal and professional development, healing modalities, shamanic practices and embodiment arts.

In that time he’s built a successful, impact-driven business that’s transformed the lives of thousands of people and assisted 100’s of other way-showers to expand their influence and aid humanity.

Heath is a healer and a world-bridger.

He’s served the planet on many levels. From holding channeled, planetary activation ceremonies, to coaching purpose-driven business owners, to conducting social responsibility programs and leadership facilitation for senior leaders in financial institutions.

Heath is a divine channel for various Star Races and Enlightened Masters. His mission is to activate The Starseeds and mobilise their service to the world, in pursuit of rapidly accelerating planetary evolution.

Over the period of 2011 and 2012 humanity experienced a turning point in its spiritual evolution.

It marked the beginning of a planetary awakening to our quantum potential.

The ancient Souls who came here to serve and assist in that awakening were activated to a whole new level of purposeful inspiration and creativity.

These Souls are known as THE STARSEEDS because of their Galactic origin.

The growing needs of humanity to experience lasting change have called them to service.

That’s why they feel so driven to pursue businesses, services and creative projects that are an authentic expression of their greatest gifts to assist the world and raise consciousness.

Embracing the journey of following your Soul’s PURPOSE TO BIRTH A NEW EARTH has its challenges…and…

UPGRADES are available right now to THE STARSEEDS who’ve heard the calling and wish share their codes of elevated consciousness with humanity.

Join Divine Channel, Heath Myers as he and his Star Race Guides host an activation for the festival, uploading ascension codes of Soul remembrance and discussing the practicalities of birthing a New Earth.

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