Infinite Yeti – Making Kokedamas (Japanese hanging moss plants)


Lifestyle Space: Creation Station

Workshop Type: Arts Workshop

Topic: Making Kokedamas (Japanese hanging moss plants)

Presenter: Infinite Yeti

Who are we? Where do we come from? We are a conglomerate of dusty do gooders and if you want to know more, well, you will have to come to the workshop and meet us to find out. I can assure that you will be surrounded by kind, capable, & joyful hands 🙂


Kokedama is a centuries-old Japanese form of garden art that is closely tied to the practice of bonsai where a plant is wrapped in moss and tightly bound. During this workshop you will get your hands dirty learning the skills to create and take home your own Kokedama, the end result is a living piece of sculpture that can be displayed on a table, desk or hung in front of a window and makes for a unique Esoverse keepsake. Give the legs a rest and take the time to sit, connect with others, learn a new skill and take home your own piece of living art.

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