Jaime-Lee Auchettl – Intuitive Energy Healing


Lifestyle Space: Zephyr Massage Space

Workshop Type: Healing Workshop, Massage Huts

Topic: Intuitive Energy Healing

Presenter: Jaime-Lee Auchettl

Jamie Lee is deeply passionate about intuitive energy healing, viewing it as both a personal journey and a means of service to others.
Continuously delving into self-discovery, Jamie Lee’s path has been marked by significant obstacles, each serving as a catalyst for uncovering the healing modalities and medicines of the world.
Through openness to receiving various gifts, Jamie Lee has been blessed with the ability to dive even deeper, both within herself and in her capacity to serve others on their healing journeys.

Brief description of services:

Intuitive Energy Healing
Experience personalised healing aligned with your highest and greater good.
Through intuitive guidance, we uncover the deepest yearnings of your soul, addressing blockages, belief systems, repressed emotions, fears, and traumas.
Connecting with the highest source to release what no longer serves you, channeling transformative energy and healing to propel you forward.

Step into your radiance, embracing new, luminous energy to enlighten your path and share your magic with the world.

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