Jaime-Lee Willoughby – Devotional Bodywork


Lifestyle Space: Zephyr Massage Space

Workshop Type: Massage Huts

Topic: Devotional Bodywork

Presenter: Jaime-Lee Willoughby

Jaime-lee Willoughby (they/them) is a queer ceremonialist, somatic sex educator and devotional bodyworker. Their vision is to support others in feeling safe enough to come home to the innate magic that exists within their body. Jaime-lee understands this magic to be our eros; our life force which holds the keys to all of creation. Jaime-lees transmissions fuse ancient ritualist modalities with modern somatic practices that create deep synergy between your body and soul.

Services Offered: The intention of Devotional Bodywork is to create a space where you are able to drop into the intelligence of your body and the softness of your heart. Supporting you to listen to your 4 centres of consent: your mind, your heart, your gut and your genitals. From this space of expanded awareness, this session allows your body to guide how and where you would like to be touched. This process supports you in reclaiming sovereignty and autonomy over your body.

The loving touch I provide is specifically tailored to how you truly desire to be touched. Together we co-create an opportunity for you to receive codes of safety, devotion, and respect through touch that is completely present and in alignment with your bodies needs.

These sessions can be for people who wish to:
– alchemise densities that have been stored in their body.
– be connected with their embodied sense of agency.
– safely receive pleasurable touch.

Feedback from these sessions usually consist of people saying “this is the first time I feel I have ever truly received loving touch”.

Previous Experience: Dragon Dreaming Healing Space,

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