Janelle Green – Chakradance


Lifestyle Space: Circue Fantasia

Workshop Type: Dance Workshop

Topic: Chakradance

Presenter: Janelle Green

Janelle Green is a Kinesiologist/Intuitive Healer & owner of Element Wellness and Healing, in St Kilda. She has been guiding people into an awakening state through the power of Chakradance for over 10 years. Also a Psychic / Medium her intuition runs deep as she brings spirituality to the mainstream with a grounded heart & spiritual straight talk.


Chakradance Journey is for people that would like to experience some deep inner transformational work and uncover their authentic selves, whilst exploring and balancing their chakra system. Dance experience is 100000% not required and there is no routine or performance, this is all about you and your own inner journey.

Using music harmonised to the energy of each chakra you will be guided through a free-form dance journey, whilst wearing a blindfold. Don’t worry there will be no bumping into each other! You will be using your yoga mat as a base and our space holders will be there to prevent any mini collisions if needed. Having your eyes closed assists with the deep inner work and creates a safe space for self-expression and release. No one will be looking at you and you won’t be looking at anyone else, so no comparison mode triggers. A rare powerful state to be in!

Chakradance is about letting your body move freely to the rhythm of the music and the flow of the energy in the space. Be prepared for some major energetic shifts and moments of pure freedom and joy!

NOTE: Required to please bring your own  yoga mat & scarf in the event we run out of blindfolds.

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