Jess Miller – Sacred Raving


Lifestyle Space: Circue Fantasia

Workshop Type: Dance Workshop, Other

Topic: Sacred Raving

Presenter: Jess Miller


Jess aka Galactic Rainbow, believes that party culture is a portal for transformation. As part of her Sacred Raving brand she runs events and workshops that bridge the gap between the party and wellbeing scenes, has a radio show on Area3000 called Techno Therapy Sessions, and hosts a podcast, Life of a Sacred Raver, aiming to create conversations around our relationship with music, substances and ourselves. She uses her training in Soul Coaching to help people declutter and cleanse their mind, body and soul so they can live their life to its fullest potential.


Jess will use the power of music, dance, sharing and intention setting to harness the transformative power of festivals.  You will be taken on an intuitive movement journey to ravey tunes to open up your mind, body and soul. Jess will guide you into new and pleasurable ways of moving, behaving and thinking that feel more nourishing, during and after the festival. Time to activate your inner sacred raver! Come to this workshop if you are seeking more balance in your life, if you want more confidence dancing sober or just want to have some wholesome fun! How you rave, is how you do life.

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