Joely Saunders – Slow Flow Yoga


Lifestyle Space: Fractal Tree

Workshop Type: Yoga Workshop

Topic: Slow Flow Yoga

Presenter: Joely Saunders


Hellooo, I’m Joely, I love nature, yoga, and having a boogie amongst many other things. Yoga has become such a vital part of my wellness, and it warms my heart that I get to share that with others. I love guiding people into states relaxation and presence whilst providing classes that are accessible to all levels of experience. Being in the moment, getting grounded and moving mindfully are often the focus of my classes and are topics that I feel all doofers can benefit from. Come join a class to relax and reenergise

A grounded 1hr slow flow yoga class focused on mindful movement and breath. Beginning with gentle asana, somatic movement to regulate the nervous system and conscious breathing; moving into a luscious flow, with time for meditation. Sometimes the doof can be a little overwhelming, this class will assist u in feeling more centred and at home in the bush.

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