Jonathan Nash-Daly AKA Hans


Lifestyle Space: Sophie deLightful Presents: Esoverse Cabaret

Workshop Type: Cabaret Performer

Presenter: Jonathan Nash-Daly AKA Hans


Jonathan is a third generation entertainer coming from a family of dancers and circus performers. He has spent his life both on stage and behind the stage learning a range of different skills over the years however his main love lies in being on stage entertaining people, playing characters and making people laugh. He is a dancer, actor, musician, circus performer, children’s entertainer, MC, stage manager and is also the executive assistant for an entertainment company, EPIC Empire Productions.

He is a part of the doof and flow community both as a performer and helping with performer management however Esoteric will be his first venture working as a cabaret MC and he is very excited to be a part of the team for Esoteric 2024.

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