Juggle Jam – Juggle Jam


Workshop Type: Other

Topic: Juggle Jam

Presenter: Juggle Jam

Richard has been teaching diabolo and juggling for 21 years. He has busked for 12 years and performed at Rainbow Serpent twice. He runs the world’s largest diabolo tutorial website: http://diabolotutorials.com, has created over 90 tutorial videos on youTube, run the Juggle Jam club in Melbourne for over 2 years, taught diabolo at a circus school in Belgium (2 years) and taught workshops at multiple festivals around the world, including Rainbow Serpent (11 years running), the European Juggling convention, The Town festival and many other, smaller festivals. He is passionate about teaching juggling to practitioners of all levels.

Danya has been an avid poi spinner and juggler for over 8 years. She has taught juggling at various festivals in Australia, including Rainbow Serpent (5 years) and The Town.

Susie is a talented, poi spinner and juggler and is an active member of the Viral Happiness crew. She has taught juggling and poi for over 5 years and is an excellent teacher for beginner and intermediate jugglers and spinners.

Juggle and Poi Jam is an all-inclusive workshop for anyone wanting to expand their minds, bodies and skills through the art of juggling and poi spinning.

Come down to learn how to juggle balls, clubs, poi spinning, diabolo, flower sticks, hula hoop and much more. Expand your mind and coordination with this amazing (and really fun) activity.

One of our friendly coaches will happily spend the time with you to ensure you have a positive experience and go away having learnt something beneficial.

All levels welcome!!

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