Juliette Musy – Awaken your Inner Sensuality


Lifestyle Space: Amphitheatre

Workshop Type: Other

Topic: Awaken your Inner Sensuality

Presenter: Juliette Musy

I have always been a creative being. I spent my teenage years involved in theatre, learning to rap, writing and creating my own songs. Nevertheless, I was too afraid and not confident enough to believe that I could start a career in a creative field. Doubting myself, I chose a safer career path and became a solicitor in asylum law. I worked for an NGO defending asylum seekers where I was leading a circle of migrant women who were victims of rape and excision (female genital mutilation) to help them to reconnect with their body and dignity.

In Australia, I experienced a spiritual awakening which led me to reconnect with my creativity and my childhood dreams. I’ve done a podcast based on this experience called «l’heure du phenix» meaning «the hour of the Phoenix» available on Spotify and Deezer in French. In order to dedicate time to my own projects and make them reality, I stopped ‘’regular backpacker jobs’’ to perform as a dancer in a club where I explored and claimed my sensuality.
I am now proud to say that I’m an artist: songwriter, rapper, podcaster, fire performer…
All of these experiences led me to create this powerful workshop to help people to overcome their fears, shame, and embrace the sensual aspect of themselves too often suppressed.

I’ve already facilitated this workshop in several events, Esoteric festival included, and I have received a lot of powerful feedback from the participants who experienced a significant transformation.



This workshop suits everybody who wants to experience a discovery or reconnection with their sensuality and work on their self-confidence through meditation, theatre exercises and dance.

Workshop process:
– Talk to identify why it is so difficult yet so important to recognise, embrace and reconnect with our inner sensuality.
– Guided meditation to call upon and feel our inner divinity.
– Theatre exercises and sensual dancing to overcome our shyness and surrender.
– Feedback about our experience and tips to work on our self-confidence and sensuality in our daily life.

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