Kamilindo – Embodied Wellbeing: Music, Movement, Mindfulness


Lifestyle Space: Hammock Fractal

Workshop Type: Music Workshop

Topic: Embodied Wellbeing: Music, Movement, Mindfulness

Presenter: Kamilindo


Kamilindo is a musician/multi-instrumentalist, and a mindfulness teacher with a background in psychology. He creates immersive experiences for wellbeing by employing world medicine music, mindfulness and somatic-based approaches. Kamilindo has been sharing his workshops throughout Australia and performed at major festivals e.g. Melbourne Fringe, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Esoteric Festival and World Music Festival in Kolkota (India).
Kamilindo creates unique sound using various instruments from India, Tibet and South America, which he weaves together like a magician on his looping station. His ethno-sound infused with mindfulness, electronic elements and mantras will take you on meditative journey to reconnect you with the heartbeat of the earth and spaciousness of the cosmos.


In this workshop we are invited to re-connect with our body, our heart, and the magic of the present moment.
Through experiential activities involving mindfulness, world music, rhythm, movement, voice, breathing and somatic practices we will explore various ways to regulate our nervous system.

In a safe, inclusive circle we can be vulnerable and authentic, which allows us to express our emotions including grief, pain, anger and shame.

This workshop will empower participants with self-acceptance, self-love, inner peace, joy and creativity. They will learn how to work with and befriend different parts of themselves including the inner critic. They will also embody practical skills to help them shift from distress to the state of regulation, grounding, social connection and wellbeing.

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