Seeds of Prana – Breath Ceremony – Re.connect with your Inner Healer


Lifestyle Space: Fractal Tree

Workshop Type: Healing Workshop, Yoga Workshop

Topic: Breath Ceremony - Re.connect with your Inner Healer

Presenter: Seeds of Prana


Katharina is a certified Sacred Breath Academy Breathwork facilitator, a Yogalap Breathwork Coach and a Reiki practitioner. Her method is a unique blend of Conscious Connected Breathwork, intuitive movement, sound and meditation.

She has been holding Breathwork sessions since 2021 and focuses on a holistic Yin approach to Breathwork – with nose-inhales for the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, a safe space/container that allows permission to surrender and express your emotions fully as they arise, trauma-informed touch, longer Breathwork sessions, more time for integration and savasana. Katharina creates a safe space, guides people to re.connect with themselves and supports them to improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being.


Re.connect with yourself and others in this transformative workshop. Breathwork is an experiential practice and self-healing modality that uses conscious, connected breathing to access expanded states of consciousness while simultaneously unlocking repressed emotions and clearing stagnant energy from the mind, body and spirit. Through an intentional, safe and artful increase of oxygen levels, we activate different areas of the brain to create new neural pathways for deeper insights and heightened clarity, while meeting the sacred root of unresolved emotional imprints.

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