Kathleen Gonzalez – Ritualistic Afro-Andean Dance


Lifestyle Space: Circue Fantasia

Workshop Type: Dance Workshop

Topic: Ritualistic Afro-Andean Dance

Presenter: Kathleen Gonzalez

is a Melbourne-based Colombian experimental and contemporary artist. She also is a producer in cross_cultural forms, ethno-dance writer, artistic director and founder of Tunjos y Cantaros Ethnologic Dance Company and Ethnodanceology Art-. a study of dance through the application of a number of disciplines such as anthropology, musicology, ethnomusicology, and ethnography. It proposes ideas in new multi-ethnic phases and stages to encourage future diversity of human’s legacy and expression into this new era.

Kathleen researches contemporary and interactive dance that is emotional, exploring the wisdom and ancestral practices. During the past two years, Kathleen’s creative work was challenged due to the social restrictions. Now her practice processes embrace new ways of mixing technological skills that complement her career. Always striving to understand new original forms of movement, and performative arts. She encourages resonance between art forms and expressions that touch everyone, often addressing cultural exchange on ecological, political, and social environments within communities.

She addresses terms of decolonisation through a curatorial framework that crossover practices that embrace intergenerational issues to standing up for the rights of universal cohesion and human equity.
Kathleen was granted this year an Arts Development Project with “BARRING YANABUL-YIRRAMBOI” 2023. Working new ways to approach site specific, installation, dance, ceremony, and audience interaction. All at once; with her dance company Tunjos y Cantaros. Commissioned by the City of Melbourne.

She was last month in an International Tour promoting and delivering intercultural art exchange practices in – Indonesia and Malaysia, at the same time she is developing an art residency at The Baboon House in Melaka for a period of three weeks. Working into a new way to readapt her own methodology and dance practice, She is creating historical and conceptual bonds and writing structures to deliver educational programs for all ages.

[Contemporary, Experimental and Ancestral Dance]
This class will be teach you about the benefits to move as you feel, to get active and fit. To help you out into the life skills and personal development through the art of dance, to let go the stress and enjoin this gathering with all the attendees, followed by warm up and warm down, cardio/strength.

First part “fundamental steps”. —- This is foundational workshop that introduces the full spectrum of feeling the rhythm with the body and also to understand how to use the joints and muscles to create stylised, spirited and vigorous movement.

Second part “small variation or choreography”. —- Afro- & –Andean- Latin Dance occupies a specific place in cultures throughout the Latin-American continent, embodying energy and a graceful beauty flowing with rhythm, and also as emblematic sacred way of connect to Mother Earth. Dance has always been an indispensable element of life in whole societies.

During the choreography you would understand and recognise the role in relation with: community, spiritual
rituals, cosmos-divine, social ceremonies. Those contributing to a sense of security, continuity and safety vibes for a personal development.

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