Kevin Rain – No longer a victim: the keys to overcoming stress, anxiety & depression


Workshop Type: Lecture

Topic: No longer a victim: the keys to overcoming stress, anxiety and depression

Presenter: Kevin Rain

I’m an owner of the shamanic rain healing center (6 years old), i have 25 years experience studing shamanic arts, natural medicines, 15 years studing multiple healing modalities, including natural medicine, counselling, energy release work, sound healing and much more. My life story is essentially that of the transformation of the wounded soul, now embracing life to its fullest. I spend my journey compassionately holding space for others to understand themselves, to love and except themselves as the magnificently beautiful human beings they are. I love and respect this festival and in upmost respect would like to participate in allowing people to have a more relaxing, connected and joyous time while there, but also taking away some skills to more fully take back control of there mental, emotional and physical bodies. this year i would like to address the topic that has most commonly come to me in practice, depression anxiety and stress.

The aim of the workshop is to holistically address stress, anxiety and depression.

We will look at natural management options, including psychological thought process’s, dietary requirements for effective hormone production, including balancing of stress hormone cortisol.

We will practice breathing meditation technique’s and discuss the importance of exercise in healthy brain function.

Discussion about the abundace of natural medicines that are cheaper, healthier and often more effective than there pharmaceutical counterparts. In practice i often find people are completely unaware of there options and this knowledge is empowering to them.

We will also address the often lowered self esteem that leads to this symptomatic states, allowing them to walk away empowerment in options and remembering how beautiful they really are.

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