Klaudia Ozga – The Art of Tantra


Lifestyle Space: Light Temple

Workshop Type: Healing Workshop

Topic: The Art of Tantra

Presenter: Klaudia Ozga

Klaudia is a lifelong explorer, dancer, and a curator of tantric temples where people can nurture connection, sensuality and deepen their relationship with their body and soul.
A graduate of the International School of Temple Arts, over the years she has explored various modalities and practices including tantra, authentic relating, shamanic healing, temazcal, emotional release, breathwork, yoga, meditation, bodywork, mindful movement, ecstatic dance, contact improvisation and butoh.
Tantra has been her path to growth and transformation and a way of finding more love, presence, and joy in her life. Her passion is to help people tap into their raw, authentic selves and to experience more connection, embodiment, and pleasure.

Curious about Tantra? Seeking more depth and authenticity in your intimate connections? Join me on this journey to learn about the ancient tantric practices and gain practical experience in the art of giving and receiving touch.
Through a unique blend of theory, sensory exploration, breathwork and embodiment exercises, you’ll gain essential tools to cultivate more presence, mindfulness and play in your relationship with yourself and others.
Whether you want to get in touch with yourself or seek more meaningful connections, this workshop is an invitation to open your heart, awaken your senses and tune into the ecstatic current that lies within your body.

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