Mark Chapman & Luisa Brunetti – The Mastery of Emotion


Lifestyle Space: Hammock Temple

Workshop Type: Healing Workshop

Topic: The Mastery of Emotion

Presenter: Mark Chapman & Luisa Brunetti

Luisa Brunetti:
Luisa Brunetti: I have traveled around the world, from South America to India, to study and learn more about healing practises and ancient disciplines. I am a yoga, meditation and hula hoop teacher, breath work facilitator and circus addicted. My style is creative and somehow challenging. I have been teaching full time for 5 years around Australia and in various festivals with extreme success.

Mark Chapman:
Mark is a psychology graduate, currently studying a Masters of Applied Psychology via a scholarship at Melbourne University. He is also an accomplished musician, having performed at festivals such as Bohemian Beatfreaks and Love camp at Earth Frequency, and regularly performs in the Northern Rivers at venues such as the Beach Hotel and Secret Garden. Having travelled to over 60 countries, Mark has a passion for combining the healing power of music with mental and spiritual practices which build emotional resilience.



This workshop will nourish your body, mind & heart as you explore and learn the theory behind emotional alchemy, mood congruence, and connective empathy.

Following both preventative and curative pathways, the aim will be to provide participants with a set a tools to help them navigate and regulate both everyday emotions, and the high emotional intensity of the festival environment. Combining tools from Western Psychology with various modalities from Eastern Philosophy and Medicine, Luisa and Mark will create an immersive, profound experience.

Awakening and stimulating all the senses through music, aromatherapy, somatic movement, acupressure and a variety of mind-body connective practices, participants will leave both invigorated and ready to face the whirling waves of the world. Join us to connect both to your inner world, and cultivate an awareness and empathy for the feelings of those around you.

The Mastery of Emotion has had great success in the Sunshine Coast and the Northern Rivers, and will be presented at Esoteric 2023, Burning Seed, as well as various venues throughout Melbourne.

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