Entwined Yoga – Reset Soulflow Yoga


Workshop Type: Yoga Workshop

Topic: "Reset Soulflow Yoga with Entwined "

Presenter: Entwined Yoga

Balance, reset and nourish the body with a gentle soulful yoga practice to lengthen, loosen, ground and restore the body after a night of dancing, walking, or setting up camp. After attending festivals for 20years I know how tired and tight the body and musculature can get during these events, and this practice is aimed to soften and stretch the muscles, with a focus on the lower back and legs. This practice will aim to centre and balance your energy from within.

Laura Entwined aka Entwined Bellydance and Yoga is a Queensland-born, Melbourne-based yoga and bellydance teacher. Laura has been practicing yoga for 20years and integrating yoga teachings into her dance classes for more than 7 years. She has been teaching dedicated yoga classes for the past 12months online as well as in person, and has facilitated classes at Grasshopper Yoga, The Collective Yoga & Myotherapy, Cobury Oesteopathy, Burning Seed Festival 2019, Next Level Studio and Summer Healing Yoga, where she completed her YTT 200hr. Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga has been part of her personal daily practice for over 15 years, and has transformed her spine, posture, mind, body and spirit.

She is inspired by the ancient spirituality and focus on breath of yoga with modern anatomy and alignment, and how this can be integrated to provide a practice for overall well being in our modern day urban lives.

She is passionate, inspired and appreciative to have the ability and opportunity to share the science, art and benefits of the incredible transformational practice of yoga.

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