Entwined Yoga – Intergalactic Yoga


Lifestyle Space: Fractal Tree

Workshop Type: Yoga Workshop

Topic: Intergalactic Yoga

Presenter: Entwined Yoga

A SEQ-born and bred, now predominantly Melbourne-based dance and wellness movement teacher and professional performance artist, Laura Entwined (aka Entwined Bellydance, Yoga, Pilates) has been intensively studying the art and techniques of yoga, pilates and dance for 18 – 20 years. She has been teaching bellydance workshops around the country since 2010, and successful weekly classes in Melbourne since 2013. Laura started teaching yoga in 2019 and pilates in 2020, and has been a regular performer and teacher at festivals around the county for the past 13years. She loves using bellydance, yoga and pilates movement medicine practices as a tool to stretch and strengthen the body, unlock, unwind, restore and renew, and connect with breath and a deeper consciousness. She regularly teaches and performs around Australia, has been a guest artist in NZ, Bali and USA over the past decade, as well as guesting at a number of international online festivals during covid.


Connect with your etheric energy bodies in this gentle, restorative and nourishing yoga practice. Restore and renew your nervous system using the science of yoga asana, pranayama/breathwork, dhana aka concentration, dristi/focus and meditation.

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