Lily Rain & Olivia Ruddick – Sacred Ceremony of Cacao & Crystal Craft workshop


Workshop Type: Arts Workshop

Topic: Sacred Ceremony of Cacao & Crystal Craft workshop

Presenter: Lily Rain & Olivia Ruddick

Lily Rain
At 38 yrs, I am the co-founder of the Shamanic Rain Lifestyle Center in Victoria, successfully operating for approximately 5 years. I am an energy healer, holistic hypnotherapist, apprentice shaman, crystal healer, sound healer and mother earth warrior among other things. I am a heart centered being assisting people to become more grateful for life and assisting them to reconnect with the love for themselves and Pachamama and the universe.

I love to be free in expression, to dance, laugh, play and become all that I can be alongside all people. I am passionate about helping others to look after themselves, heal and embrace their full potential, she is very excited to share a connective spiritual craft with Esoteric.

Olivia Ruddick
Cacao Mama facilitator, Astrologer, SOMA breathwork instructor, Founder of ‘Demitars Aether Emporium’, creating intentional Cacao elixirs.

An ancient Mayan prophecy says “The Cacao spirit will come out of the rainforest when the world goes into chaos, and help people reconnect to the magic wisdom of their hearts.”

Creating safe containers to connect to our unique magic. Using Cacao to help us remember what true unconditional love is. Bringing us back to the frequency of love, which is always within us. A space for true soulful connection. Allowing us to weave our gifts together, as tribe once more.

During this ceremony we will welcome in the spirit of Mama Cacao, allow her to fill our heart and soul with love. Opening ourself up to the subtle guidance of the Aether. We will call in the four directions the elements and open space to our Earthly and celestial guides. Tapping into higher frequencies through vocal toning and chanting. We will drink the devine nectar to empower us with love for the crystal craft.

A prayer will be spoken to honour the ancestors, mother earth, the directions and call upon any magical spirits that can guide us and help with the process of our magical creations of love.
We will make a magical interchangeable pouch necklace to place a crystal treasure into. When making the magical necklace pouch we will create knots, Each knot will be blessed with a magical intention, there will also be many extra treasures to add to your necklace, like charms and bells, when finished creating the magical necklace choose a magical crystal to amplify the intentions that have been placed into the crystal sack necklace, we will go through a cleansing with Palo Santo and invite the energies of our intentions to be shared with the crystal energy. Wear it with love.

A connective calm meditation will be held after the making of your magical pouch to connect fully with yourself and your new treasure.

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