Luisa Brunetti – Flow State


Lifestyle Space: Amphitheatre

Workshop Type: Group Discussion, Lecture

Topic: Flow State

Presenter: Luisa Brunetti


Luisa Brunetti: I have traveled around the world, from South America to India, to study and learn more about healing practises and ancient disciplines. I am a yoga, meditation and hula hoop teacher, breath work facilitator and circus addicted. My style is creative and somehow challenging. I have been teaching full time for 5 years around Australia and in various festivals with extreme success.


According to yoga philosophy *ANANDA*is a mental state in which you’re fully immersed, involved, and enjoying the process of an activity, similar to the mental states of high concentration experienced during meditation.

This is the Flow State: a state where we are fully connected to the universal energy and can download directly from the source of all knowledge – the so called universal consciousness.

We can find, or train, this state of effortless attention or flow with asana (yoga postures), breathwork, journaling, art-making, meditation and specific psychological exercise that will help you overcome distractions.

The aim of this workshop is to

-have a clear understand of what flow is;

-learn about how to increase focus in your life and reduce the amount of distractions;

– understand the obstacles of focus and learn strategy to be able to improve it.

This unique workshop blends the traditional yoga knowledge and the modern psychology of the Flow State.

Please join me if you’d like to expand your mind and find new tools for focus and creativity.

Let’s explore together the infinite possibilities of our brain at ESO24!

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