Madi & Emily – Soul Meets Body


Lifestyle Space: Hammock Temple

Workshop Type: Healing Workshop

Topic: Soul Meets Body

Presenter: Madi & Emily


Madi from Embodied Earthlings is a Facilitator & Mentor. She works with Archetypal Medicines, Embodiment Practices, Emotional Clearing and The Spiral.
Having spent the past few years learning, growing, and playing in the world of archetypes, embodiment and sensuality, she is devoted to bringing this magical work into her community.
She is passionate about guiding others into deep connection with their bodies, and believes that empowerment is found in learning to embody all parts of yourself.
Her gifts lie in creating grounded, safe spaces for others to cultivate awareness, presence and pleasure within themselves.

Emily has a love of supporting humans to relax their nervous system, unlock their pleasure and fully step into their uniquely liberated power.
She is a deep believer in following your pleasure to truly delve into the hidden gems of your essence.
Emily is a firm believer that we each hold the answers we are seeking, she mixes magic, fire and her Projector wisdom to guide you deeply inwards to uncover your own inner truths.
She has spent the past years delving into the depths of Emotional Clearing, Nervous System Support, Embodiment Practices, Archetypal Medicine and Spiritual Connection.

When was the last time you took a breath that landed deep into your pelvis?

When was the last time you held yourself, or sat with yourself with the simple intention of loving presence and curiosity.

How present can you be with your body and the subtle sensations as they dance across your skin.

We are so detached from our lives and from our senses that we purposely add extra layers between us and our reality.

Through use of the somatic gateways, Madi & Emily will guide you to shift your awareness from your mind and into your primal feeling body.

Together we will delve into the subtleties of our bodies’ sensations allowing our conscious mind to slow, drip by drip as we begin melting like honey into our innate primal nature.

In the space where soul meets body, we begin to reignite the feeling of deep inner safety within our own being.

This is a space to deeply drop into your soma and descend into the depths of your soul.

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