MaK Swell – Love More, Move More


Lifestyle Space: Circue Fantasia

Workshop Type: Dance Workshop

Topic: Love More, Move More

Presenter: MaK Swell

MaK swell is an artis who bring light into the world through is work. Through his work he creates more light and inspire others to find their centre and their heart space. Through Movement and Music, Mak Swell shares and inspires others to be them selfs and find more self love and peace within.


The love more move more workshop is a fusion of dance and Kundalini yoga focused on tuning into the body and finding our heart centre. Through different movement practises and kundalini Kryas this work shop is designed to lead the participants to their heart and to find their centre.
The purpose of this is for individuals to find clarity and inner harmony and using their body and breath and a tool for self love.


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