Matt – Psychedelic Mushrooms for Personal & Spiritual Growth


Lifestyle Space: Light Temple

Workshop Type: Lecture

Topic: Psychedelic Mushrooms for Personal & Spiritual Growth

Presenter: Matt

Meet Matt, a seasoned yoga teacher and workshop facilitator dedicated to personal growth. His transformative journey has led him across the globe, immersing himself in various modalities and plant medicine practices.
Matt’s resilience shines through as he conquered deep-seated challenges, including depression, addiction, and childhood trauma. Today, he embodies happiness, inspiration, and consciousness, guiding others along the path of self-discovery.

Join Matt for an enlightening discussion on the mindful use of psilocybin-containing mushrooms. From exploring their ancient roots to their modern-day therapeutic potential, Matt will navigate the shift from recreational to intentional consumption.
Discover the profound spiritual and therapeutic benefits of these magical fungi as we delve into a journey of healing and self-exploration together.

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