Melissa Corsetti – Yin Yoga & Meditation


Workshop Type: Yoga Workshop

Topic: Yin Yoga & Meditation

Presenter: Melissa Corsetti

This workshop lead you through a mindful and soothing yin yoga and meditation practice where you will embody the Yin energy of peace, introspection and deep restoration and relaxation. It will allow you to release physical tension and tightness in the body and assist in shifting blockages from the major energy centres (chakras and meridians) in the body. This workshop will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed and connected to your body, mind and soul.

I’m a 550 hour registered yoga teacher trained in Rishikesh, India. I am interested in beyond the physical asana of yoga. I love to include meditation, breathwork and yoga philosophy in my classes to create a holistic yoga practice with a focus on connecting to and learning to love your deeper and highest self.

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