Melissa Warner & Olivia Walpole – Dancing With Your Future Self


Lifestyle Space: Amphitheatre

Workshop Type: Healing Workshop, Lecture

Topic: Dancing With Your Future Self

Presenter: Melissa Warner & Olivia Walpole


Melissa Warner
Melissa is on a mission to translate scientific and contemplative knowledge into systems that support wellbeing. Melissa is the Secretary of Psychedelic Research in Science and Medicine (PRISM), a pioneering Australian research charity where she helps advance research and science communication on psychedelics. She is also a neuroscience and psychology Research Fellow at Swinburne University, where she collaborates on psychedelic and extended reality (XR) research.  With a love of contemplative practice, Melissa also supports individuals as a meditation and psychedelic integration mentor at Signs of Life Psychology.

Inspired by her passion for contemplative practice, psychedelics, and technology, Melissa founded and directs PATHS XR an immersive technology platform that creates learning journeys for psychological wellbeing and skill development for psychedelic experiences. Melissa is a co-director of the Cyberdelic Nexus, an XR platform building community, training and experiences that fuse technology and psychedelic culture. In 2016, Melissa co-founded The Australian Psychedelic Society, now a thriving grass-roots cultural hub. To balance the digital with the physical, Melissa is also training as a yoga teacher and loves to craft dance performances with her best friends having gained experience in dance performance and choreography as a director of the dance troupe Flow Sisters and a performer with FireLilly Entertainment.

Olivia Walpole
Liv Walpole is passionate about promoting holistic approaches to well being, using the biopsychosocial model of health. Liv has extensive experience as a dance performer and choreographer as a director of Flow Sisters and performer with FireLilly Entertainment.

She has a degree in Psychological Science and day-to-day, you can catch her providing mental health treatment to NDIS participants with severe psychosocial disability. Or moonlighting as a fire dancer. She draws on her lived experience with mental illness as well as her understanding of science, psychology and movement to help others break down barriers to becoming their fully realised self.


Start your Esoteric right with some intention setting, catharsis and new dance moves!  In this workshop, we embark on a journey to deepen our connection with our future selves, integrating dance and art with contemplative practice.

In this workshop we will bridge the gap between imagination and embodiment.  Drawing inspiration from diverse disciplines such as psychedelic research, positive psychology, contemplative traditions, internal family systems therapy, art therapy and dance therapy, we embark on a shared inquiry to attune to the opportunities that lie ahead. By immersing ourselves in embodied practices, we anchor into the fertile ground of possibility, nurturing a profound relationship with our evolving selves.

Can’t dance? We’ll prove you wrong! Don’t need therapy? That was rhetorical. Come along for the insightful introspection and playful (and scientifically informed) integration. This workshop will create a warm and safe space to connect your inner world and body, explore dance as a therapeutic release, and move toward a future self attuned with your inner compass.

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