Wisdom & Melodies – Decompress with a Poet


Lifestyle Space: Hammock Fractal

Workshop Type: Other, Story Telling

Topic: Decompress with a Poet

Presenter: Wisdom & Melodies

Melody (they/them) is a prolific poet and musician from Naarm. Penning tales of hope and loss, love and grief, beauty and pain, into honest reflections of their lived experience as a gender non-conforming, queer artist. A pre-service teacher, Melody has worked as a facilitator and MC for many years, and this is their third iteration of “Decompress with a poet” at Esoteric Festival.

You can hear Melody playing some of their original music at Esoteric at the Hammock Temple, under the name “melontheballer”.
A name meaning wisdom, Soph is a Naarm-based DJ and artist, specialising in mixing memorable house and techno sets to get you moving and grooving on the d-floor. Soph is known for his quirky and eclectic taste in fashion, and he’s not afraid to turn up the volume on being his most authentic self. Soph began his career as a DJ after competing in “Your Shot” and you can catch him masterfully creating vibes under his pseudonym “Teknofag” in bars and clubs across Naarm.
About Teknofag:
Teknofag is a self proclaimed human anomaly. Fitting no particular mould, they are in a constant state of change, growing and flowing through sounds and emotions. Teknofag dishes out groovy and hypnotic techno & house inspired by the progressive dance music coming out of Australia. They are also heavily influenced by the chunky, dirty and sexy; often left of centre queer vocal indie dance and tech house tracks.

The origin of Teknofag’s name is an act of protest. The act of protest towards those who used the word to weaponise against them in their past and present, to change people’s outlook into the future. A courageous act of standing tall and shouting “THIS IS WHO I AM, AND I’M SURE AS HELL PROUD TO BE ME”.


Reflect on your own esoteric experience, facilitated by accomplished poet and songwriter Melody (melontheballer, Naarm).

Be led through a visioning and meditation exercise with the opportunity to speak to your experience of the weekend in a sharing circle.

There is no obligation to contribute and you’re welcome to share simply by listening.

The workshop is accompanied by the musical stylings of Naarm’s own Sophocles Mavrelis.

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