Michaela McCaw – Yoga of Connection


Workshop Type: Yoga Workshop

Topic: Yoga of Connection

Presenter: Michaela McCaw

In this workshop we will be exploring the theme of connection through the use of a slow, fluid hatha class. Connecting movement with breath and physical sensation, this class will build progressively into a fluid exploration of what it is to be connected to the space we occupy, to each other and connection to self. This workshop acknowledges that we have experienced a deep shift and fracturing of our physical connection recently and is intended to honour the power of community.

Michaela’s classes are slow moving and aim to cultivate a deep sense of compassion and care within oneself. She bases her classes on the notion of building the practice from the inside out; using invitational language and offering some alignment suggestions as ways of navigating shapes and moving towards a sense of support. Her classes tend to have a focus on introspection and always include an element of grounding into the body or meditation.
She has experienced firsthand the healing effects of the practice and is strives to facilitate experiences that are intentional, welcoming of difference and full of care.

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