Mitch Boney Gamilaraay/Murrawarri & Paul Phillips Djaara/Bangerang – Yidaki Meditation


Lifestyle Space: Hammock Fractal

Workshop Type: Music Workshop

Topic: Yidaki Meditation

Presenter: Mitch Boney Gamilaraay/Murrawarri & Paul Phillips Djaara/Bangerang -


Mitch also known as Warrabaa meaning the Saw-Neck Turtle in Gamilarray, is a Ydaki player of 8 years cultural practice.  Mitch is a enthusiastic yidaki player with a love for his culture, music and dance that resonates with his connection to earthy tones and soundscape music. He brings a genuine and heartfelt touch to the meditation session leading participants to join him on a journey of cultural exploration and personal and spiritual growth.
Paul is seasoned at holding space during meditations. Through meditation we can connect with our creator self and further explore our true self and higher purpose for being here, then return and anchor your soul back into your body safely and keep you clear of attachments.

Start your day in a good way, come meet the meditation leads Mitch and Paul, and ground into the earth with the vibration of the Yidaki.
Journey off with breathwork through the Chakras and lay in the musical soundscape of connecting with Country.

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