Molly O’Hara – The Art of Intuition


Lifestyle Space: Creation Station

Workshop Type: Arts Workshop

Topic: The Art of Intuition

Presenter: Molly O'Hara


Molly is an artist and creative therapist living and creating on Wadawurrung lands in Geelong, Victoria. Molly is passionate about using art to convey the magic, beauty and meaning we can find in our everyday lives. This ties into Molly’s work as a Creative Therapist and Holistic Counsellor, where the art making process is explored as a method of meditation and holistic wellbeing.


The Art of Intuition is a therapeutic art workshop focusing on meditation and mindful art making. The focus of this workshops is exploring the present moment experience with a range of art materials. 

Participants are invited to dive into a visualisation meditation, before using the thoughts feelings and emotions that come to you during as a guide for the art making process. Participants will leave the workshop feeling relaxed with an artwork that represents the hour of meditation and mindfulness. 

I have recently run this workshop at the 2023 edition of Esoteric (under my previous business name Lucid Neptune), and received wonderful feedback from participants that the workshop is a great way to wind down into a moment of still reflection amongst all the fun and games to be had at Eso.

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