Nadi – Breathwork with Nadi


Lifestyle Space: Fractal Tree

Workshop Type: Yoga Workshop

Topic: Breathwork with Nadi

Presenter: Nadi

Nadi was introduced to yoga in her early teenage years as part of a family practice, though its influence waxed and waned throughout her earlier years, yoga always offered itself as a profound tool for self-inquiry, self-development and healing and a source of solace within the bustling world. Currently she is a practicing Naturopath and breathwork facilitator. Nadi undertook her yoga teacher training in Vinyasa & Tantra and has since been serving the alternative art, health, and lifestyle community through delivering authentic, dynamic and down-to-earth experiences incorporating sound, touch and smell to create a unique journey for her students. Since then she has delved in to the world of breathwork, shadow work and trauma informed practices, both deepening the life long quest of better knowing herself as well as integrating these understandings of the human experience in to all of her healing modalities to create unique and person-centred journeys. She currently runs private and studio community classes in Melbourne’s inner North as well as a workshop regular on the Australian and NZ festival trail.

Breathwork creates a safe space where we can access frozen energy, sensations and emotions in order to facilitate the release and completion of previously unprocessed events and experiences. Throughout our lives we accumulate unresolved experiences through chronic stress, highly charged emotional events, and traumas which may end up ‘trapped’ in our bodies, creating imbalances in the bodymind system and influencing subconscious belief patterns. Using both activating and restorative breathwork techniques we will journey together to reconnect with our physical and inner emotional world to restore the natural flow of energy through the bodymind system.

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