Natalia Pedan – Mandala Mugs


Workshop Type: Arts Workshop

Topic: Mandala Mugs

Presenter: Natalia Pedan

Natalia is a multi modality artist with scientific background. She explores art, music and movement as tools for healing and raising energy in particular where this can surround us in everyday lives, for example by turning plain everyday objects like furniture into artworks, or sheds into doof temples. Born in Ukraine, she studied and practiced art from a very young age, but turned to studying science after moving to UK, eventually completing Master of Science at Oxford University. She went on to work in technology as the main career, but also continued creative pursuits, taking part in several exhibitions.

She moved to Australia 11 years ago, after spending 11 in the UK, and in the last few years after major life changes her focus shifted back to creative side. She now explores art and music in conjunction with science as healing and ascension tools that help us return to our genuine selves and live more playfully

Intro to mandala dot art. Everyone can be an artist! Decorate a small object e.g. a coffee cup using simple tools like toothpicks and cotton swabs, and proudly use it!

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