Neesha Shimmen – Vitalising Flow


Lifestyle Space: Fractal Tree

Workshop Type: Yoga Workshop

Topic: Vitalising Flow

Presenter: Neesha Shimmen

Neesha is passionate about the art of yoga – and has been teaching for the past 6 years; primarily vinyasa flow, Neesha loves intuitively creating creative sequences that energise and vitalise the body through the cultivation of prana (vital energy). Yoga can translate to unity, Neesha invites all who practice with her to find a deeper conection to self and all that is.

Neesha completed has her 200 hour level 1 and advanced 50 hour Yoga teacher training, She also is a Physio, an artist and lover of animalistic free flow dance.


You are invited to experience a deep state of flow.
Come on a revitalising, invigorating journey cultivating prana (vital energy) together.
You will be guided through a creative sequence of asanas (yoga postures) that unify body, breath and soul.

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